Why should I bother reading yet another blog?


  • …you are my friend and I love you.
  • …you like following on with the lives of people you don’t know.
  • …you enjoy reading about any of the topics this blog is about.
  • …I am fun to make fun of.
  • …you are bored at work and wish to waste time.
  • …you want to make a blog and need to see what not to do.
  • …you want to make a blog and need to see what to do.
  • …you agree with every word I say.
  • …you disagree with every word I say.
  • …my boring life makes yours seem full and exciting.
  • …my full and exciting life makes yours seem so dull.
  • …when you grow up, you want to be me.

I don’t recommend reading this blog for any one reason in particular. Those are just some options that occur to me. Feel free to email me and tell me why you read this blog, and I’ll add to the list. But honestly, it’s probably the first one, or maybe the fifth one, listed above.

And another thing…

You probably want to know why I actually write a blog.

Really, it’s just so I can get things out of my head. My brain is full of ideas, of thoughts, of anxiety, of hopes, of dreams. But my brain is also prone to forgetting things. So I may as well spill them out onto virtual paper. This blog is a release for me. It keeps me from going crazy.

Oh… wait…

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