Who the hell is this dinane person anyway?

The Basics

The handle “dinane” is used by a youngish person with an oldish soul named Diane. She is a geek, a singer, a songwriter, a pianist, a guitarist, a software engineer, a directros, a master paintress, an actor, a cook, a poker player… Most of all she is a passionately creative and logically analytical person.

She does enjoy talking about herself in the third person, but only for a short amount of time. That amount of time is over.

Before you ask, no, I did not misspell my name. Dinane is the name my sister came up for me at some point earlier in our lives. I call her Sa. She calls me Din. This is the way of the world.


Color Rainbow
Food Gnocchi
Video Game Guitar Hero and its descendants
Sport Baseball
Team Boston Red Sox
Player Jonathan Papelbon, or maybe Kevin Youkilis
Magazine Games
Pet A particular kitten named Mimic
Museum Tate Modern
Sound Clear voices singing tight cords
Instrument Cello
Play Noises Off
Musical The Lion King
Movie The Princess Bride
Movie Genre Superhero
Condiment Mustard
Junk Food Cheesy Poofs
Fruit Nectarine
Vegetable Broccoli, cooked just slightly
Restaurant Il Villagio in the North End
Dessert Ice cream
Desert Red Rock, Moab, Utah
Omaha High-Low 8-or-Better Starting Hand A236 ds
Paint Color Rye by Behr
iPod Color My iPhone is better than your iPhone white
Post-it Color Original Yellow
Song “Narcolepsy” by Ben Folds Five
Album Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by The Flaming Lips
Choral Piece Carmina Buranna by Carl Orff
Instrumental Piece Suite No. 1 for Unaccompanied Cello in G Major by J.S. Bach
Soundtrack Amelie
Television Show Top Gear
Gadget TiVo
Number 42
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