Where is everything?

The Website

This website lives on some server somewhere at ion-web. It likes piña colladas and getting caught in the rain.

The Person

I live in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, just a few miles north of the city. My husband Mike and I own a nice little Cape that we work on constantly. I work in downtown Boston, rather near the Public Garden. Most often, I am at work, at home, or riding public transportation somewhere in between. I also have family in Connecticut that we visit, and Mike has family in Vermont and New Hampshire that we visit. We go to Maine for snow in the winter and ocean breezes in the summer. I’m totally a New England girl! But our families are spreading out, and now South Carolina has been added to the mix. Maybe I can use some magic powers to convince SC to have seasons.

The Weather

Curious what the weather is near me? Well, here’s a weather pixie stationed at Boston’s Logan International Airport:

The WeatherPixie

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