When was this nonsense created?

Cause and Effect

I had been using LiveJournal for my blogging needs for over a year, and I decided it was time for something new. So, on August 4, 2005, I started piecing together the bits for this new website. I already had the domain, and a pretty crappy website taking up space, so I really just had to go and do it. I finally posted my first entry on September 21, 2005, after much tweaking and massaging of WordPress.

I guess I don’t really have that much else to say about it.


I have had an internet presence almost continuously since I was a sophomore in high school. My first website was an affront to the eyes, and was hosted on the awesome… I mean awful AOHell. Neon green and bright purple do not make a good web design. Add swirly backgrounds and moving graphics, and you’ve got the mess my first website was. Purposeless, and full of webrings (remember webrings?), with near-religious statements about how frames suck, and everyone should be using the newest browser. I don’t recommend going looking for this, it may make your eyes bleed. (Plus, my family’s AOHell account was canceled long ago, so you’d have to delve into the internet archives.)

When I went to college, I thought that I ought to up the quality level of my website. However, I was still enamored with colors that are hard for the eyes to focus on – teal and purple, with yellow highlighting. (Aren’t you glad I’ve since taken UI design courses?) It was called Bubbles, and it grew and changed over the four years I was in college.

When I graduated, I bought a domain name, but I never really did much with it. Simultaneously, I also started a LiveJournal account. This is where I started getting addicted to blogs. I got the most I could out of LiveJournal, but I decided to move on.

Thank you for visiting d i n a n e . n e t!
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