How was this site created?

About this site

Yeah, I know, no one ever reads the “about this site” section of websites. So I’ll keep it short in interest of not boring my one reader of this page ever.

I am very proud of the fact that I am capable of writing websites without the aide of computer applications. The template for this website was created entirely with text editors, in most cases, emacs or BBEdit. I then used that template and tweaked (and occasionally rewrote) bits of WordPress to make it prettiful. This theme is mine, and I love it, so too bad if you don’t.

Also note that this page has only been tested in a few browsers – the ones I use, which are only the latest versions. God help me, if I find out that you’re using a centuries old browser… Let’s just say you should make sure you’ve got a modern browser.

And now for the specifics you were not looking for. This blog is powered by WordPress. This website is hosted on ion-web. There you go. Now you know.

Thank you for visiting d i n a n e . n e t!
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