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Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving was, I believe, a great success this year. Much food was enjoyed, much friendliness was experienced, and much entertainment was had. I do have a few notes on cooking that I thought I’d jot down for posterity.

  • Adding chives to the mashed potatoes was pretty, but made several people less willing to eat mashed potatoes. I was not one of them, but I am a gracious person, and I will not add them again. I may sprinkle on some parsley for color, but only on top, not mixed in.
  • Using real garlic in the milk/butter mixture for the mashed potatoes is a great improvement over the powder. Also, using a ridiculous amount of garlic overall is a good thing.
  • No regrets from using the biggest squash in the store, especially since I found equally huge apples.
  • The replacement of the raisins in the stuffing with a craisin/raisin/yellow raisin combination was awesome. Perhaps even more crasins could be added next time. And a pear. More fruit makes for better stuffing, me thinks. Oh, and a bit of a sharper onion might be a good idea, or perhaps more onion. Something was lacking on that end.
  • Apparently I need a sign for the plain vs. good stuffing. There was confusion, and some people were disappointed. Silly people. Use your eyes!
  • More gravy. I didn’t have enough to make the soup as thick as I would have liked.
  • An alternate scheme is required for the banana pie. It goes to mush too quickly, and people get mad when I have to throw out the runny goop that was once pie. Best idea so far: don’t put the bananas IN the pie, add them afterward. Perhaps preparing it in a tart pan would be a good idea. If I just did the crust and pudding, and added the bananas and cream on a per-serving basis.
  • Don’t forget the peas.

There was one unfortunate incident involving poor innocent Mimic. He got out on the screened porch, where the pies and drinks live, some time after dessert but before we went upstairs to play dominoes. He was out there for far too long and had to go to the litter box. He was a resourceful dude, though, and used an empty cardboard box (previously left out there for his lounging on nice days). He has forgiven me, thankfully. He has also recovered from the large number of guests, having spent last night playing, pouncing, and meowing up a storm. He’s not a shy kitten, in that he’ll come out to visit with guests, and even allow pets. But he is more subdued around strangers, to the point where many people don’t believe us that he’s a chatty cat.

But aside from that, I think everything else was wonderful. We even went bowling!

I hope you had an equally nice Thanksgiving.

Now to get the Christmas stuff ready…

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Mimic is Famous!

Our kitten Mimic has made the front page of Dreaming of Kittens! He’s so adorable. The picture is from his first day home.

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As If!

The Internets are full of lies. Lies! There’s no such thing as a day without cats. To prove it, here is a picture of my cat. His name is Mimic and he is awesome.

Mimic and his comet tail toy thingy, which is escaping his grasp!
Mimic loves to play “catch” with this doodad, which they sent as a bonus when I ordered a bunch of other toys.

And since just having a picture of a cat doesn’t seem like enough to counter a day without cats, I think I’ll tell the story of how he came to be our little furkid. See, my husband and I are both rather allergic to cats. To visit our friends’ houses, where cats live, we have to take Claritin, and that is often only enough to get us through a couple hours. So you can imagine my crankiness as I drove up to my friend’s house for a nostalgic sleepover party as I spotted a big and fluffy orange tabby in the window.

Turns out, Iggy – for that is his name – is a Siberian cat. Siberians are a beautiful breed of cat, if I do say so – and I do, so you know it’s true. And it just so happens that many of the family lines are low-allergen. I won’t bore you with the whole of the science, but just enough to tell you that the allergens are in cat spit – not their fur. So contrary to what people think – Mimic is not a hairless cat. In fact, as you are seeing, he is quite the fuzzball!

After meeting Iggy, and spending the night in his house without needing any allergy medicine, I did a bunch of research. I looked into breeders nearby and those far away. Learned everything there was to learn. Looked at millions of pictures. And after all that, decided to contact Iggy’s breeder.

We found ourselves second on the list for 2009, and in February, on Valentine’s Day, we went up to New Hampshire to meet some kittens. At the time, the breeder thought there were two girls and two boys in the litter – all 6 weeks old. Not ready to go home, but definitely full of personality already. We thought we’d be more interested in a girl cat, purely for size reasons. Siberian males can be huge, and we weren’t mentally equipped for that. Since one of the known-boys was already taken, he was in another room. We let the other known-boy hang out with his momcat, while we met the two “girls.” As soon as the breeder handed me a kitten, the kitten tried to escape. “She” wanted nothing to do with me, and eventually made her way to the heater, where she hid for most of the rest of our visit. The kitten Mike held first, however, looked him square in the face and “meep”ed! I knew then that “she” was the one.

We played with them a bit more, and talked with the breeder. While I was dealing with paperwork, Mike went off to check on our choice, who was hiding out in a cat condo. Mike looked in and tilted his head. Mimic tilted his head to match. Mike tilted his further, then Mimic, then Mike, then Mimic tilted his head so far he fell over. After that, Mimic let Mike hold him for as long as he wanted.

Mimic hanging on to Mike's shirt.
Mimic was so tiny when we met him. He’s more than quadrupled in size, and still has some serious growing to do.

Of course we thought he was a girl… Two weeks later, I got an email from the breeder, who seemingly nervously explained that she had been mistaken, and in fact all four kittens were boys. Of course we were already in love, so there was no question – we still wanted him. We just adjusted our pronouns and changed the chosen name – and the name Mimic seems so much more perfect anyway!

When Mimic was 10 weeks old, we got a report card and a picture. He was very sociable, and begging anyone who came nearby for pets. He loved on everyone and was a quick learner. He was perfect.

Mimic sitting all handsome at 10 weeks old.
This picture was taken by the breeder – Mary at Branch River.

We were finally able to take him home at 15 weeks, after much waiting and impatience, and a poorly-timed vacation. He meowed at the top of his lungs for the whole car ride, but it only took him a couple hours to decide that he was home.

Mimic passed out on the armrest of the sofa next to Mike.
Moving home was exhausting!

We just love our crazy little fuzzball.

So there, Internets! SO THERE!

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Let’s just skip the “Where the hell have you been?” comments. I make no promises that I’m even back.

I’m just… amazed really. One year ago, my website domain went unregistered because my host fucked up. It happened again. I paid for renewal, they sent me email reassuring me that I didn’t have to do anything to make sure it renewed, and it did not renew. ARGH! So I’m probably switching web hosts soon. This is ridiculous. What would they have done if someone stole my domain? I shutter to think it.

Much like last year, I’ll give a list of what’s going on lately. Why not? Lately, I spend most of my time…

  • Playing with Mimic – our just-under-8-month-old kitten
  • Watching every episode of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis in order
  • Playing Rock Band while anxiously anticipating The Beatles
  • Spending time with Mike
  • Playing geeky games with our friends – I role play now!

Aside from that, I mostly eat and sleep. Though the sleep is frequently interrupted by the kitten…

You know, I never really posted pictures on this site before. I always thought I did a good enough job with words. Well, you know what? Fuck that. Lately, I’ve been big into photography. We got a new camera before we got married last year, so we could take great pictures on our honeymoon. We did that, and continue to take great pictures of our cat. At least, I think they’re great. So how about a taste…

Emerald Lake, at least that's what I think the guide said it was called.
A glacial lake somewhere in the Yukon
The sound associated with the calving of a glacier is intense.
A glacier calving in Glacier Bay in Alaska
Mimic loves hanging out on the sofa table, and if you catch his attention, he'll look at you all cute-like.
I enjoy playing with different angles and different focus, sometimes resulting in odd-looking pictures that I happen to like.
Mimic from an odd angle

No promises that I come back here again. Though I do have a bunch of drafts for Thanksgiving recipes that I was intending to post in November. Hopefully I’ll remember that, and you can enjoy the sharing.

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