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Mimic is Famous!

Our kitten Mimic has made the front page of Dreaming of Kittens! He’s so adorable. The picture is from his first day home.

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Beth Cherry Rocks

I was pointed to Beth Cherry’s website some indiscriminate time ago by a post on Magazine Man’s. It is an odd site: a blog that isn’t exactly really a blog. She updates when she feels like it, a couple times a week maybe, and when she does – the previous post is gone. Poof! Into the ether never to be seen or heard from again. It’s an interesting format. Every visit is just a moment in the life of. But today, she said something that I couldn’t let poof into the ether. I hope she’ll forgive me.

I also think that you should know that tonight I have introduced a new word into the German language. Germans don’t have a word for Boogerhead. Directly translated, it would be Popelkopf, which I think, is even better than boogerhead. This is how I contribute brilliance to the universe.
–Beth Cherry, “Always look on the bright side of life”, 9/08/08

Just say it. Say, “Popelkopf.” Say it! It’s hillarious!

And anyone who doesn’t agree is a popelkopf.

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No Promises

I have no answers for the questions you’re probably thinking of asking. “Where the hell were you?” “What have you been doing?” “Why did you leave us?”

I also make no promises that I will continue posting.

Though I do kind of miss the internets sometimes…

So now I can sense you asking, “If she’s not really coming back, why the hell is she taunting us with this post?”

Well, I might come back!

… I’m sure you’ve heard that before…

Ultimately, I am here because Tara made me. She’s a good mommy and encouraged… ordered… (whatever) me to post a particularly interesting tidbit of information on the internet before she went ahead and exploded. Since I like Tara, and would prefer that she not explode, I suppose I can make this particular post.

Let me preface this with a tremendous “I’m Sorry!” to people who probably should have heard this directly from my mouth but are instead reading it on the intertubes. I hope you can forgive me. I’m just really terrible at communication skills (as noted by the complete lack of attention put into my keeping up this spectacular… craptacular… (whatever) website).

And that preface leads to this preface. You might just not care. Especially if you don’t know me personally. But you might care, and for that I’m greatful.

Actually… you just may have removed me from your blogroll anyway, so what the hell do I care?

Am I done prefacing now?

Me thinks… yes.

So here it is.

Mike and I are engaged!

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You may have noticed that I have continued the “blogables” today. That’s because I wrote some more of them! Lucky you!

I kind of like this. I might do it more often. I think I give myself writer’s block by trying to come up with a “full” story at two pages.

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Like Lunchables Only Less Tasty

Today, my intent is to post a bunch of entries I will call “Blogables.” Similar to the popular children’s lunch box, they will contain a smaller than normal facsimile of a blog post. We’ll see how this goes, but I know I have at least three up there in my head.

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Aniversary Special

Well, my friends, it is time to celebrate my incomplete non-failure at having a blog. I read somewhere once that the great majority of blogs fade into the ether within months, weeks, days, or even hours, of their inception. Here I am, still going strong after one wimpy little year, and I’m pretty proud of it. Here’s to another! And maybe even another after that!

So, anyway, to celebrate, I thought I’d do one of them silly little meme things. Then I thought I’d do a less silly one. Then, finally, I thought I’d just go all out and do 100 things about me (that you never wanted to know)!

So, here, without further ado…

One Hundred Things About Dinane (that you never wanted to know)

  1. I have straight brown hair.
  2. I was born with curly red hair.
  3. I wear glasses.
  4. My favorite musician is Ben Folds.
  5. I like listening to the same CD over and over and over and over and over.
  6. My feet are size 11.
  7. I drink at least 3/4 of a gallon of water a day.
  8. I love drinking Fuze.
  9. I know how to swim and I think anyone who can’t swim should learn how.
  10. I wouldn’t know how to be stylish if it weren’t for my sister.
  11. I love cop dramas.
  12. I have an addictive personality.
  13. I’m a super klutz.
  14. I’m afraid of heights.
  15. I would still one day love to ride in a hot air balloon.
  16. I wish I could teleport, or that transporters were invented.
  17. I wish I were just a little bit dumber than I am.
  18. Or maybe just a little bit smarter.
  19. I sneeze louder than anyone I know – except for my father.
  20. I don’t like red meat.
  21. I don’t particularly like poultry either, but I eat it because protein makes you go.
  22. I love fish.
  23. I especially love raw fish.
  24. I make a mean lasagna.
  25. I miss my Gramma.
  26. I love puppies.
  27. I love dogs.
  28. I love kittens.
  29. I don’t particularly like cats.
  30. My sneakers are bright white.
  31. My prom dress was sea-foam green – and I looked hot in it.
  32. I have a lot of floaters in my eyes, but they’ve always been there, so my eye doctor isn’t concerned.
  33. I’m effectively (but not legally) blind without my glasses.
  34. I have very strong finger and toe nails.
  35. I don’t paint my nails.
  36. I don’t wear make up except for performance.
  37. I don’t wear jewelery except on extremely special occasions.
  38. I can type ridiculously fast.
  39. I insist on having a split (ergonomic) keyboard.
  40. I have carpel tunnel syndrome in both wrists.
  41. I have plantars fasciitis (just like carpel tunnel except for feet) in my right foot.
  42. I love the concept of public transportation.
  43. I not a fan of the execution by the MBTA.
  44. I could eat pasta every day and not be bored of it.
  45. I love tomatoes in every form.
  46. Except for ketchup, which I think is gross.
  47. I sing constantly.
  48. I wish I were funnier than I am.
  49. I’m actually only five feet eleven and three quarter inches tall, not six feet like I tell everyone.
  50. I am a professional at rolling my eyes.
  51. I have been to 34 of the U.S. states.
  52. I have been to 6 countries, including the U.S.
  53. I can’t remember if I’ve been to Iowa or Minnesota, but I know it was only one of the two.
  54. I have been to the Wyoming State Fair.
  55. I was a girl scout.
  56. I was also a boy scout.
  57. My family always listened to the Classical radio station at dinner time.
  58. I have a minimal number of freckles.
  59. My earliest memory is of my dad teaching me where middle C is on a piano, at the age of two.
  60. I could read music before I could read English.
  61. Some of my early memories embarrass me.
  62. I grew up in a suburb of Hartford, Connecticut.
  63. I named just about all of the pets my family had.
  64. My handwriting is unreadable.
  65. I hated middle school.
  66. My only regret was not sending that audition tape to Julliard.
  67. I don’t like leather upholstery.
  68. I don’t like complete darkness.
  69. I loathe the dentist.
  70. I am petrified of needles.
  71. I wish I was rich enough to hire someone to deal with my money.
  72. I love the Red Sox, even when I hate them.
  73. I have far too many socks to fit them all in one drawer.
  74. I don’t own a single pair of red socks.
  75. I think all colors are pretty, and I don’t understand how people can have a favorite.
  76. I don’t have a favorite number either.
  77. My lucky number for use in playing roulette is 17.
  78. If it weren’t for slot machines, I’d be up lifetime at casinos.
  79. Most of the time I don’t act like a girl.
  80. Sometimes, I do act like a girl and that frightens people (including me).
  81. I have been called “Di” by many people who don’t all know each other.
  82. I decided to use that abbreviated name for my theatre “career.”
  83. Writing this blog has made me a better speller.
  84. I have always been a grammar nazi.
  85. I haven’t written an original song in over two years.
  86. There is always music playing in my head.
  87. When I was very young, I once stuck a raisin up my nose and was proud of it.
  88. I really love roller coasters.
  89. I find screaming at the top of my lungs to be cathartic.
  90. It’s very difficult for me to not sing along with the radio.
  91. I don’t like bacon, and that upsets people.
  92. I love to cook, but I hate cleaning up afterwards.
  93. I’m not very good at accepting compliments.
  94. My friends say I’m too nice for my own good, but I don’t think I’m nearly nice enough.
  95. In general I hate spending money, but I don’t think twice about eating out.
  96. I lived more than two-thirds of my life thus far in the same house.
  97. I was born after Empire but before Jedi.
  98. I went to Catholic high school.
  99. My favorite kind of cake is ice cream cake, but it has to have the crunchies.
  100. I am a prima donna and nothing you say will make me think less of my singing ability.

There you have it!

And now, as a bonus, I’ll give you…

Three Things About Dinane (that you might actually want to know… maybe… well… one of you did…)

  1. The play I am going to be in is Sabrina Fair by Samuel Taylor.
  2. I will be playing Margaret, the downstairs maid.
  3. The play will be performed November 10, 11, 12, 17, and 18; theatre is at 8, except when it’s a Sunday matinee, then it’s at 2.

And for the super bonus round, some statistics!

Three Things About d i n a n e . n e t (that I can guarantee you don’t want to know)

  1. WordPress tells me, “There are currently 192 posts and 343 comments, contained within 21 categories.”
  2. That means I have successfully posted content (of varying quality) once every 1.901 days.
  3. Since I never promised to post on weekends, I prefer to count that as one post every 1.359 days – or 3.678 posts per week.
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Some Funny to Watch

Kludge posts some amusing videos on Thursdays lately. But I think these are particularly spectacular. Especially the second one. Enjoy!

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Out of Touch

So I’m completely out of touch with the internet, okay? Forgive me? Please? Good.

So today, I decided to pick out three blogs to read a bit of. I picked them partially at random, and I don’t remember what the other two were, because I got distracted by Nickerblog. I can’t really blame Shane, but really, I think I should. He is, after all, the one who posted the links to Magazine Man‘s story.

Don’t start there, though. You need to read this. Be warned, however, that before you go off to read the link you most likely dutifully opened in a new tab while finishing to read this, that this will suck you in. In fact, you should also be warned that it isn’t exactly “work safe.” I don’t mean there are pictures of boobies or foul-mouthed audio tracks. I mean that if you wish your coworkers to respect you and not think you’re a slobbering crybaby, you should probably wait to read this until you are in the comfort of your own home. Just follow the next links at the end of each entry. I promise. You will not be sorry.

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