Well, This is Something, Anyway

After much trial, tribulation, and annoyance, my site is more or less readable again. Woo hoo! But I’m having issues with comments. Boo hoo… For some reason I can’t comment. If you can comment, do it! But you probably can’t. It probably won’t work. Unless you’re a spammer… for some reason that is working… they must script their comments or something, I don’t know. Spam Karma is picking them up just fine. But any comment I try to make goes nowhere.

Anyway! At least we can all read old nonsense I wrote once. And my pictures are where they belong. And I’m typing this, aren’t I? And actually, some parts of my theme are better than they were before… But still, what a giant pain in the ass.

February 9th, 2010 • 3:59 pm • dinane • Posted in Site

4,255 Responses to “Well, This is Something, Anyway”

  1. dinane says:

    Commenting working yet?

  2. tara says:

    comment. comment. :-)

  3. dinane says:

    Yes, it is working now! Turns out nothing was wrong with the comments part of my theme – it was the search form that was busted, so the second form on the page wasn’t working.

  4. dinane says:

    Testing another comment after futzing with the layout stuff.

  5. Boris Badanov says:

    As you have requested, and because I am in much respect of you, I am commenting to test to see if commenting is working. Testing. One. Two. Three.

  6. Boris Badanov says:

    Diane, Mother of Mimic, Commenting is Working.

  7. dinane says:

    *grin* Everything is working now! I even validate again. That makes me feel nice.

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