Let’s just skip the “Where the hell have you been?” comments. I make no promises that I’m even back.

I’m just… amazed really. One year ago, my website domain went unregistered because my host fucked up. It happened again. I paid for renewal, they sent me email reassuring me that I didn’t have to do anything to make sure it renewed, and it did not renew. ARGH! So I’m probably switching web hosts soon. This is ridiculous. What would they have done if someone stole my domain? I shutter to think it.

Much like last year, I’ll give a list of what’s going on lately. Why not? Lately, I spend most of my time…

  • Playing with Mimic – our just-under-8-month-old kitten
  • Watching every episode of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis in order
  • Playing Rock Band while anxiously anticipating The Beatles
  • Spending time with Mike
  • Playing geeky games with our friends – I role play now!

Aside from that, I mostly eat and sleep. Though the sleep is frequently interrupted by the kitten…

You know, I never really posted pictures on this site before. I always thought I did a good enough job with words. Well, you know what? Fuck that. Lately, I’ve been big into photography. We got a new camera before we got married last year, so we could take great pictures on our honeymoon. We did that, and continue to take great pictures of our cat. At least, I think they’re great. So how about a taste…

Emerald Lake, at least that's what I think the guide said it was called.
A glacial lake somewhere in the Yukon
The sound associated with the calving of a glacier is intense.
A glacier calving in Glacier Bay in Alaska
Mimic loves hanging out on the sofa table, and if you catch his attention, he'll look at you all cute-like.
I enjoy playing with different angles and different focus, sometimes resulting in odd-looking pictures that I happen to like.
Mimic from an odd angle

No promises that I come back here again. Though I do have a bunch of drafts for Thanksgiving recipes that I was intending to post in November. Hopefully I’ll remember that, and you can enjoy the sharing.

August 27th, 2009 • 10:47 am • dinane • Posted in Cats, Photography, Site

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  1. Yukon Lake, fabulous photo …

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