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Music is Magic

I started today in a right foul mood. Why isn’t important, just that I was severely cranky. So, like any good addict, I updated my Facebook status: “Diane is angry, but has no one to be angry at. I guess she’ll have to cheer up then.” (I should write an ode to Facebook or something. Damn site practically… well it doesn’t run my life… it just runs commentary on it.)

Anyway, sometime later, my cousin responded, reminding me of what my dad might say: “Don’t worry, be happy!” Well, that came, of course, from the Bobby McFerrin song circa mid-1980’s. With that song, immediately came a flood of memories, that song coming out, being played at someone’s birthday party (either the cousin who responded on Facebook, or his sister, or his mother… I can’t be sure, I was little! … or at least young… I’ve always been ridiculously tall), listening to the tape in the car… the new car… must have been the Taurus… brains are special.

So I decided to go get it from iTunes. This is when I discovered who wrote it, seeing as I’m an idiot and couldn’t remember. The name Bobby McFerrin immediately reminded me of the album Hush that we also listened to quite a bit when I was a kid. Only it was a cassette tape. So who knows where that thing is, and I wouldn’t have anything to play it on anyway.

So I looked on iTunes! Low and behold, there it was. Of course I bought it too.

Seeing as my foul mood wasn’t really improving, I went immediately to the obvious cure. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” had me smiling by the first chorus. And now I am reveling in the combined sounds of voice and cello. Man… music is magic.

December 4th, 2008 • 12:29 pm • dinane • Posted in Life, Music352 Comments »
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