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I Want to Know…

… what is your favorite Christmas carol?

I’m feeling very Christmasy today (probably because the view out my window would be a great establishing shot for a Christmas-related romantic comedy). (…Why romantic comedy? Probably because my iPhone is currently playing “Baby it’s Cold Outside.”) (…No, not one of the new lame versions, Dean Martin!)

… anyway!

I don’t think I could pick just one. I’d have to select one of each kind. I mean, first, you have to have the best choral one. That would be “The Holy and the Ivy.” The companion to that would be the best solo one – “O Holy Night” – which I do not have a good recording of. Most people who sing it do it wrong! And then, then you ‘d have to have the best sad Christmas song, which is obviously “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” (The new Josh Groban recording I just bought off iTunes last night almost made me cry on the train this morning… and relating to the previous song, yes, even his version is wrong.) But you’d also have to have the companion best happy Christmas song, which is less obvious. I think I’d probably go with “Jingle Bells” here – the Barbara Streisand version. It’s fun! Oh, and then you’d have to have the best instrumental one, which I think most people would agree would have to be “Sleigh Ride.” (I like to imagine the percussionists drawing straws – the short straw gets to play the jingle bells for that song.) Yes, I know it has words (I even have a recording of it by the Ronettes), but who cares – the instrumental version is better.

Man… I love Christmas music. It lets you enjoy things you don’t normally listen to. You couldn’t catch me dead listening to Jimmy Buffet on a regular day. But who can let Christmas happen without at least one listening of “Mele Kalikimaka”? The only Barbara Streisand I have is for Christmas. Ditto for the Beach Boys.

But if you held my arm, and twisted it, and made me pick just one…

… I’m almost thinking I’d let you take my arm…

… but I need that for things like playing the guitar and playing the plastic guitar and, you know, work ‘n’ stuff…

… so if I could only have one…

… “Silent Night.”

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Snow is Peaceful

Despite the annoying fact that I could see my breath on the train this morning, I still believe this will be a good day. Snow blankets everything, making the city feel like a Disney movie set. And there is something about the sound of falling snow. It’s like silence… only aloud. Also, while shoveling out the mail box this morning, even the roar of our neighbors’ snow blowers sounded soothing (maybe that’s because we ordered our own snow blower after Mike spent hours shoveling last night…). Plus, no one appears to be in the office yet, so I can sit at my desk, actually accomplishing things, while listening to my collection of Christmas music (which has now reached 116 songs).

I feel…


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Actual Conversation

Here is a snip from an actual instant messenger conversation between my sister and I:

me: I just saw a snowflake
me: And then more
me: Now more
me: Crap
me: Snow!
her: yeah
me: I’m….. dreeeeeeeeeeeeaminnnnnnnnnnnng…. of a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite Christmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas
me: My architect just tried to sing that a couple hours ago
me: He says it comes to his brain every time it snows
her: in south carolina? you need to sleep for another hundred years
me: He’s Jewish
her: lol
me: Also, he can’t sing
her: thats problematic

-Conversation around 3:25 PM today with my sister

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Or My Linked Face Live In Space-Kut-Journal-Book

Following the same train of thought as a cartoon character is most likely retarded. And yet, that is what I have done. Here you see art imitating life. I then imitated art (that was imitating life) and joined all kinds of internet networking sites. Do I feel more popular? No. Do I feel happier? Probably not. But will I miss out on stuff I would have known about if I had been link-connect-friend-scrap-ed? Hopefully not.

I am now super-popular-and-connected.

Or something.

Most like the something.

Damn the internets. Making things all… all… higshcooly.

I suppose I have only myself to blame for joining the insanity, though.

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I had to make a couple lists to follow up my last post. They are incomplete, but hopefully will be enough to knock some sense into me.

Reasons why I want to buy this:

  • It’s really pretty
  • It’s super-neat
  • It doesn’t cost as much as I thought it might (the internet suggests a range in the low to mid $2000 range, my brain initially assumed more like $10k)
  • I’ve lately been thinking that I want an electric guitar to go along with my basic acoustic and my electric-acoustic

Reasons why I should not buy this:

  • It will probably sell out and be a big crazy disaster
  • It still costs way more than I should spend
  • If I bought it I wouldn’t be able to buy a new computer any time in the next decade (which I was hoping to do)
  • My Ovation is sitting upstairs feeling unloved (and probably dehydrated, I need to get a humidifier up there) because I don’t play it nearly enough as it is
  • I don’t need a new electric guitar
  • The internet says they’ll be coming out with a less limited (and theoretically less expensive, though probably less pretty) edition next year

Okay, down off the ledge. I will not be making an appearance at Guitar Center tomorrow. Thanks, brain, for calming yourself down.

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I… I mean… Wait… Yes?


Did you know that they make guitars out of robots now? Robots! Guitars! OMGWTFBBQABCMLBNBANBCCNNNHLCBSNFL!


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