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Brief Work Whine

The most annoying thing in all of software-dom is trying to debug multi-threaded applications.


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I Simply Must Have it

Tycho, from Penny Arcade, made an attempt to link me to Chris Kohler’s liveblog of Rock Band. There was an error on the page, but luckily, I have access to Google, which happily sent me to the appropriate place. Now I send you. Go here, and read about a night with Rock Band. I simply must have it. Screw you, Guitar Hero 3 and your inability to let Paul and I play “Paint it Black” in duet mode!

When does this game come out?

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The training staff duck boat had the trophy with them as they went bySo, yeah, this has been a good week to be a sports fan in Boston. I’m a happy happy girl. Last night was a bit rough on my nerves, but still, the Patriots prevailed (if by just being less awful than the Colts – I mean seriously – that game was a wreck). But still, our Patriots are 9-0, and looking to steamroll whoever dares to come our way after the bye.

Enough football. I’d like to reminisce about the Sox! (At this point, I can hear what remains of my readers clicking to close the tab they were reading this in, but I don’t much care).

It was weird this time. Almost surreal. I was just reading my old Live Journal entries about the 2004 ALCS and subsequent World Series. Nothing brilliant on my writing’s account, but definitely a different frame of mind. The roller coaster ride that was the 2004 post season played out in my overabundant use of exclamation points. Talk of the apocalypse, due to the lunar eclipse that coincided with the final World Series game, fueled my brain with anxiety and excitement. The day after the game, I published this:

After the game last night, the phone rang twice with people making sure we were still alive. First Paul, who I think was genuinely concerned for Mike’s and my well-being. Then my Dad, who called to tell me that the weather was taking a turn for the worst, and I better go buy an arctic parka, because Hell had frozen over. Once Mike came down from super-huge-crazy shock to simply super-huge shock, he called his Dad to make sure he was alive. The entirety of Red Sox Nation had been holding their collective breaths for 86 years; it may not have been particularly healthy for everyone to breath at once.

I’m going to say this once more, and leave you to let it sink in.

The Boston Red Sox won the World Series.

–my LJ, 10/28/2004

The winning home run hitting outfielder (Kielty) and the outfielder of the future (Ellsbury)Now this year, my Dad was actually over our house during the final game of the World Series. There was some anxiety, due to the closeness of the score, but nothing we all couldn’t handle Mike didn’t do his nervous lap around the house between innings, and there wasn’t an apocalyptic eclipse to check out. The announcers weren’t incredulous, and the history making ALCS wasn’t nearly as history making as it was 3 years earlier. And I’m pretty sure Red Sox nation had only been holding it’s breath since sometime in September when the Sox had some difficulty with the concept of winning a game. Far less oxygen deprivation, and we managed to sleep that night, if not until long after our excited lungs had calmed down.

Curt Schilling and his family (Schilling's shirt says 'We did it again!')Plus, Hell is already frozen.

It’s weird to think that a giant victory could be any less sweet the second time. It may even be sweeter, but the bitter taste in our mouths had been washed away by a bunch of idiots only three years earlier. So the delta along the sweetness scale just wasn’t as great. It’s not that we haven’t opened our hearts to the new dancing fools (heh… Papelbon…), it’s just that we’ll never forget the original idiots.

We did it

–T-Shirts being worn by a number of players and others on the parade boats

For sure, but it’s just not as concise.

DiceK was more than a little bit excitedNow, you may have noticed that I chose to add a smattering of pictures to this post. That is because I am fortunate enough to work right in Boston. And I was fortunate enough to have the parade go right by our office. And I was fortunate enough to have a boss who not only allowed his employees to skip out of work for a while to watch the parade, but who was the first to go outside and stake his claim for a good view. I took a huge number of pictures, most of them bad, but I wanted to share some of the good ones. The whole thing was super exciting. And I am super lucky to have experienced it.

Lucky for you, I’ve only picked out 4 pictures to show you here. If I catch you in person, I may put you through the entire slide show!

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