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Of Note

Because I’m not in the best of moods, I’m not feeling well-thought blog post. There are some things of note going on around our house though, which seems to be my favorite… only… thing to blog about, so… here:

  • The cat isn’t feral, she’s just shy. She lives two doors down.
  • I know this because we met our across the street neighbors last night. They’re really nice, and their kids are bright, which is great, because smart kids are fun.
  • The smartness seems to come from all angles of our neighborhood, because these neighbors listed at least 5 other houses where at least one of the couple works in software, many as engineers. Yay for being surrounded by geeks!
  • Our neighborhood even has block parties. This is a foreign concept for Mike. I think it’s awesome.
  • We have carpets installed in the bedroom and on the stairs. They are pretty.
  • I only screwed up the paint in 3 places, all of which are on the wall that was painted with a relatively dark color. (I generally say that you shouldn’t need a second coat if the color was mixed in to white. This was mixed into “pastel base” so there are a couple of visible brush strokes. No, even the master paintress is not always perfect, much to her dismay.)
  • The bamboo floors are half installed, and mostly wrong. This is why I am in a sour mood. I hope these guys don’t try to screw me over. We’ll see.
  • But the color was right, so at least we know that the living room is going to look spectacular, which is exciting.
  • The cabinet doors and drawers are all off and on a tarp in the basement. Mike discovered random holes in them, though, so he had to putty them.
  • Owning a house is weird. You care about things you used to ignore. Like, how do you want your steps wrapped in carpet. Do you want to see the lip or not. We chose yes.

Okay, bored now, working instead.

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My coworker and I were on our way to lunch today, and I hear someone calling my name. I expect it to be another of my coworkers, as we were not yet far from our building, but no. It was Ty (who beat me to the almost obligatory blog post)! Babbling ensued, and he came along to lunch at the Pru, where my coworker and Ty followed me like lemmings to Gourmet India. And there we ate lunch.

Yes, it was “odd to randomly see someone you haven’t seen in years on the streets of Boston,” but simultaneously, it was awesome.

When my coworker and I were waiting for the elevator in our building (after Ty bolted for his just one block earlier), I was explaining that my contact with Ty and Josie has been only through blogs for well over a year now. As the sketchy elevator’s doors opened, I was saying, “By the end of today, you can bet we’ll both have blogged about lunch.”

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My coworker sent me a link to these pictures. It’s like a virus. I can’t stop spreading them around. So, rather than annoying anyone else with instant messages, I’ve decided to link to them here, so you can go ahead and look.


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Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Our neighbors at our new house all seem friendly. Or at least, cautiously friendly. We haven’t really talked to anyone yet, mostly because we only come to the house to work. But everyone I see, I wave to, or they wave to me, and the wave returns along with a happy “hello!”

Actually, we were officially welcomed by #4 in the form of a card, which is super sweet. I am, however, slightly shy, so I haven’t gone over to introduce myself yet. I figure once we actually have moving trucks and cars parked overnight, we’ll all feel a bit more comfortable introducing ourselves.

But the best welcome so far has been from the neighborhood’s official feral cat. We’ve seen her around quite a bit, even while we were looking at the house before we made an offer. We were initially afraid that she might, you know, come with the house. But it seems she doesn’t have a collar, and when Mike tried to approach her, she bolted in that “I hate people!” kind of way.

Anyway, yesterday while I was talking to a slightly over-pushy gutter salesman/estimator, he pointed something out to me. It wasn’t the slope of the roof (though he commented on that later). It wasn’t the fact that there are two layers of shingles on the roof (though he commented on that earlier). It was the mouse. The dead mouse. Sitting square in the middle of the first cement block after the front stoop.

I feel as though we have now officially been welcomed to the neighborhood by the official welcome wagon – the feral kitty.

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The Most Useless Time of the Day!

I had a meeting at 1, which just got over minutes ago.
I have another meeting at 2:30, which is just minutes from now.
Who thinks I can get work done in this 20 minute span of time?
Not I.

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Well, it happened. As of August 10th, 2007, I am officially a grown up. Or at least I’d better start acting like one, because that’s the day Mike and I became home owners. Or, well, the bank became a home owner, and we made a deal with them where we get the house when they’re done taking all of our money.

We haven’t moved in or anything yet, as we’re trying to set up as much as possible before we do that. We started by pulling glass shelves off of every wall (there were at least 8 in the bathroom) and removing the lace curtains from every window. Then we had some people come by to give us quotes on some new floors and the removal of the old smelly blue carpets. The other day, I got to buy my paints.

I love paint. I love to smell paint. I love to feel paint. I love to see paint. I might even find a way to love to hear paint. Tasting… not so much. But that’s okay. So you can imagine that I got excited at the prospect of being able to paint my own house the way I want to (with input from Mike, of course). To that end, I went online and bought myself a paint chip book, complete with every single color that Behr makes. It was awesome amounts of fun flipping through the pages finding the perfect colors. Of course, it kind of sounds like I’m painting my house with ingredients of a shake a serious health-nut might attempt to drink: Celery Bunch, Rye, Stable Hay, Pale Daffodil for color, and to get that blender going, a little Rain Water. Tasty! Hey, there’s that fifth sense, ready to go.

So, after a lengthy trip to the big orange box with Kelly and my sister, we started prepping the walls. I think my favorite thing about my house is the fact that the previous homeowners never painted the trim. It’s still it’s medium-brown stain, all… wood looking. It’s nothing super special, just a plain trim with a rounded top, but it just makes me so happy to see the beautiful wood trim throughout the house. Tasty. So, as I was saying, we’ve started prepping the walls. Kelly and my sister made a dynamite team pulling things out of the wall and filling the holes with Spackle, while I taped the heck out of the molding. I have to say, however, that this may take forever. I know that I’m doing the more difficult stuff first (hallway, stairway), so I really hope I can get through a bunch more taping at a much higher speed.

Meanwhile, Mike and Dave, along with Paul, beat the crap out of our kitchen. You see, we accidentally bought a house without a dishwasher. We told our agent we wanted one. We ignored houses that didn’t have them. And yet, somehow, we bought a house without one. We obviously weren’t paying enough attention any of the 4 times we looked at the house before we bought it. Anyway, while I know many throngs of people live without dishwashers in this world, Mike and I just aren’t willing to be among them. We have a hard enough time keeping the kitchen clean having a dishwasher. For the sake of our relationship, we just need something else to wash dishes for us. And so, demolition occurred in our new kitchen this past weekend.

Tonight, we’re meeting with a countertop guy, who gave us a real “what the fuck?” look when we wandered into the big blue box the other day toting a piece of countertop and a diagram. I can only hope he’ll be helpful. We did get the big blue box to provide us with (at a cost applied to a new credit card in their name) a dishwasher, a clothes washer, a clothes dryer, a dryer cable, 3 new door locks, a hole saw, and a lawn mower. Oh my poor innocent money. It is dripping out of my bank account at an alarming rate!

Well, hopefully we’ll have all this done by the end of the day on September 9th. See, the 10th and 11th we have Red Sox tickets, and the 12th is FiOs Day (which Mike is practically giddy with anticipation for). And at 8:00 AM on the 13th, four very tall men wearing a non-flattering shade of purple will arrive at our house to pack our stuff into trucks and move it all over to our house.

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