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Get it Over With

Will the gentleman (and I use that term very loosely) who stole my coworker’s wallet kindly turn himself in to the North Eastern University Police Department? It would really make everyone happy if you’d just admit that you had caused some problems. I’m sure they’ll be nicer to you if you turn yourself in. I mean, if they catch you themselves, using his T pass (for which he does have the number recorded) or using his credit card (oh so easily tracked), which you have already foolishly done, they’ll be happy to slam you in jail for quite some time. If you turn yourself in, maybe you can get some probation. Plus, then my coworker won’t have to testify in court if you just go ahead and plead guilty.

Just so we’re aware, here – I’m not exactly asking this to be kind to my coworker. I’d really just rather not have to listen to him spend hours on the phone with the police and prosecutors.

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This, That, and Oh Yeah, That Other Thing

So, just because planning a wedding isn’t stressful enough on its own, Mike and I are also trying to buy a house. Great idea, huh? The whole thing is making me ridiculously anxious. I’ve never felt so out of control about something before in my life. There are strangers who have more power than is right over my brain.

And yes, I know, as buyers we hold a much larger chunk of the power.

But whatever.

Due to the time of year when we decided to buy a house and it’s relative closeness to the time of year when our lease runs up, we have been on super-speed. In less than a month, we toured at least 30 homes in 3 towns, including one vicious day of 9 open houses, went back to two houses twice each, decided on house A, decided on house B, decided on house A, decided on house B (thank goodness our agent is patient with us), and finally stuck with house B. Oh, and we put in an offer. And they countered. And we countered, they countered, we countered, they countered, and we all settled on a price that makes no one happy. And we had an inspection. And a plumber come out for an estimate. And picked a lawyer.

And this is where we stand, less than a month from the day we applied for a mortgage pre-approval and no more than a month away from closing, impatiently awaiting a lawyer-approved purchase and sales agreement (P&S for the suave, which I totally am not). I have been assured that I will feel no better when the P&S is handled. That is especially disappointing, because I was really hoping to get some sleep after Thursday.

Speaking of which, we should all be sad for my poor innocent fiance (by the way, that word is totally not in my real vocabulary yet). My inability to sleep is wrecking havoc with his perferred consciousness state.

So, here I sit at my desk, eating half-melted thin mints (not the cookies, the actual mints covered in chocolate), wishing I could (a) sleep and (b) have everything be all done and settled. The concept of handing the majority of my savings account over to someone, even in exchange for a house (which was the purpose of said savings account) is making my stomach do loops. I will feel better when it’s all bought and paid for, and the keys are in my hands.

Well, except for the creeping fear of my house burning down, blowing away, or being burgled…

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No Promises

I have no answers for the questions you’re probably thinking of asking. “Where the hell were you?” “What have you been doing?” “Why did you leave us?”

I also make no promises that I will continue posting.

Though I do kind of miss the internets sometimes…

So now I can sense you asking, “If she’s not really coming back, why the hell is she taunting us with this post?”

Well, I might come back!

… I’m sure you’ve heard that before…

Ultimately, I am here because Tara made me. She’s a good mommy and encouraged… ordered… (whatever) me to post a particularly interesting tidbit of information on the internet before she went ahead and exploded. Since I like Tara, and would prefer that she not explode, I suppose I can make this particular post.

Let me preface this with a tremendous “I’m Sorry!” to people who probably should have heard this directly from my mouth but are instead reading it on the intertubes. I hope you can forgive me. I’m just really terrible at communication skills (as noted by the complete lack of attention put into my keeping up this spectacular… craptacular… (whatever) website).

And that preface leads to this preface. You might just not care. Especially if you don’t know me personally. But you might care, and for that I’m greatful.

Actually… you just may have removed me from your blogroll anyway, so what the hell do I care?

Am I done prefacing now?

Me thinks… yes.

So here it is.

Mike and I are engaged!

July 3rd, 2007 • 8:28 am • dinane • Posted in Blogosphere, Life, Site14 Comments »
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