Breakfast 2.0

I got to the train station with time to spare. Of course, I got there without my umbrella… But the guy on the news said the rain would be over by the commute! He’s a liar.

I didn’t get too wet on that end, though, because I could stay in my car until the last possible second. I sat next to a distinguished-looking man in the first car of the train, and listened to my Gnarls Barkley. I also finally beat one of the puzzle levels in Tetris that had been giving me trouble.

The train eased into North Station, and I had soon detrained (yes, that’s the word they use, it’s like deplane, but slightly less cool, and not recognized by standard spell checking). The walk over to the subway was as it always is – short but annoying. I’m not a huge fan of being part of a herd. I’d moo or something, but that would distract me from my air-drums.

A green line trolley came and allowed me to get on. Which I did. I settled into a seat, pulled my DS back out, and went into my T-rider’s coma. When I can listen to music and play video games, the T ride goes by quickly. I sometimes am surprised when I realize we’re approaching Arlington.

Today, I was surprised when I realized we were leaving Arlington. And I was still in my T-rider’s coma, in my seat, playing Tetris, and listening to Gnarls. I quickly stuffed my things in my bag, and got off at Copley (the next stop). I reasoned that it was fate, so I may as well stop at Finagle a Bagel.

At first I thought about getting a cinnamon bagel with some light cream cheese. But then, I spotted the cream cheese of the month. Pumpkin! So many things taste good as pumpkin flavored. It’s amazing. So, obviously I wanted to get that. And I decided to be safe and have it on a nice plain bagel.

My walk continued, and I continued to get wet. So did my bagel bag. But when I got to the office and into the elevator, I checked, and the bagel itself was as dry as it ought to be. Good job, bagel bag!

Morning greetings all around, and I soon settled into my desk chair. I opened up the wrapping, and scraped some of the excess cream cheese off. I don’t need three pounds of cream cheese per bite, thank you very much. With a smile on my face, I took a bite.

The smile immediately turned to a frown. “Well, this is horrible,” I muttered.

One of my coworkers looked up over the cube wall. “What’s wrong?”

I told him about my botched morning thus far, and he laughed. “I was so excited by pumpkin cream cheese. But this is awful.”

Another coworker chimed in, “Usually pumpkin flavored things are good. They must have screwed it up.”

“Somewhere, in a Finagle a Bagel factory, sits a giant vat of rotting pumpkin cream cheese,” observed the first coworker.

I offered them a chance to try it, as I wasn’t going to eat it. This spawned the necessary conversation about how people often take anything offered to them and wonder why at a later moment. The first coworker offered me some spoilt milk. Neither one of us bought what the other was selling.

“I’m still hungry. But I can’t even take a second bite of this thing.”

That first coworker asked me if I wanted anything from Au Bon Pain, as he was about to head over there for some oatmeal. I grimaced, and made a quick decision. “I’ll come with you. I just feel bad about wasting food.”

“It’s not waste. It’s proper disposal.”

Now, having returned from ABP with a nice bowl of oatmeal, I feel as though my first breakfast should have been detonated by the bomb squad, to make sure no one has to even look at it again. Of course, I simply wrapped it back up and threw it away. But I can have dreams of controlled explosions, can’t I?

I couldn’t decide what to name this entry. My other option was “Toxic Waste.” I’m still not sure which is better. Oh well. Hitting “Publish” will make it semi-permanent.

November 2nd, 2006 • 8:53 am • dinane • Posted in Food, Weather

2 Responses to “Breakfast 2.0”

  1. Dave says:

    Sounds like you were in needed of one of these for proper disposal. :)


  2. dinane says:

    Aww… Is that your baby? He’s cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute. :-D

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