Crisp Winter Air

Okay, yes, I know. It’s not winter yet. It’s hardly even fall. But, see, I’m still unreasonably excited about snowboarding.

Last night, we went and picked up the giant box I ordered from R.E.I. Mike’s planning on skiing (smart boy), and will therefore need a way to carry skis to snow-covered mountains. And eventually, I will graduate out of the snowboarding classes that come with free rentals, and I will want a snowboard of my own. (And it will be green! To match my jacket! Or maybe not. Who knows. But it certainly won’t be pink!)

Anyway, so, yeah, we went and got the box. The damn thing is immense. I mean, seriously. It’s ridiculous. Paul could fit in it. And if it weren’t so frickin’ high up there, I wouldn’t put it past him to try to climb into it. (Don’t try it, Paul. Unlike my car’s trunk, it is air-tight, and I’d hate to have to dispose of a body. Plus, then, Kelly would probably kill us, and she’d go to jail, and no bride should be forced to wear black and white stripes to wed a dead man. [Too far? Woops.])

So, there you have it. I’m excited for the winter, even though it’s not even fall. I’m a crappy New Englander. I should want to stare at and smell the foliage.

Hm… Actually… I do have a straight-on view of the public garden if I twist my head about 100 degrees to the left. That probably will be gorgeous. And I do love that smell. And the feeling of cool air with a warm sun. *sigh*

Okay, autumn. You can come too. But don’t linger too long. Once the leaves have fallen, you cease to be fun for anyone.

September 20th, 2006 • 8:53 am • dinane • Posted in Life, Weather

2 Responses to “Crisp Winter Air”

  1. Kelly says:

    *sigh* note to self, keep Paul out of roof rack (though maybe if we propped it open a little we could put him in it and convince him to try to ski or snowboard…wait, no, bad idea, don’t want to encourage him…)

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