Wild Thing, I Think I Love You

So, yesterday’s Sox game was about the best game I have ever seen in person. It was seriously and truly Hawesome. I know, it didn’t start out so wonderful, and I am concerned about poor Wake… but boy was that an awesome last third.

Up in nose-bleed-behind-the-scoreboard-bleacher-land, we all knew Mirabelli was due. And when it went up, up, up, and out of the park, I could finally flip my hat back upright. Yeah, that’s right, I had my rally cap going during that seventh inning. My hat knows what to do.

And the eighth inning just reaffirmed my knowing love for Timlin, Manny, and Ortiz. A five-pitch perfect inning? Sweet! Oh man, and did you see Big Papi steal second? Unbelievable.

But really, it was the top of the ninth that made this the best experience I have ever seen or felt at a baseball game. This was my first chance to watch Paplebon in action. My first chance to feel the excitement as the crowd all knew what was coming. We were itching to stand up and cheer. And then it comes.

Wild Thing
You make my heart sing
You make everything
I said Wild Thing

We’re all clapping in time with the music. Up on our feet. Excited and ecstatic to know that we will be witnessing an 8-inning ballgame. And there he goes.

I was too busy screaming and hollering to notice, but apparently as he left the bullpen, he chest-bumped the police officer. He was ready. We were all ready. This game was over before they even announced it.

Wild Thing, I think I love you
But I wanna know for sure
Come on, hold me tight
I love you

He was already tossing to Mirabelli when the announcer came on. But he had other business to attend to first. “Now at second base, Alex Cora!” We tried so hard to be happy for him. We cheered, but we all wanted to save it for the right moment.

Wild Thing
You make my heart sing
You make everything
I said Wild Thing

Sometimes, it really is fun to hear what happens when the television has gone to commercial.

Wild thing, I think you move me

“Now pitching for the Red Sox…”

But I wanna know for sure

“Number fifty-eight…”

So come on, hold me tight


You move me


{djnn} {djnnnn} {djnn} {djnnnn} {djnn} {djnn} {djnn}…

It was the very definition of: “And the crowd goes wild.” Man… that was awesome.

July 18th, 2006 • 9:58 am • dinane • Posted in Sports

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