We have been promised a fire drill for a while, now. I guess the building people didn’t want to send us outside in the downpours, so it’s been postponed. But our controller-who-is-also-the-HR-guy just sent us some more details.

We’ll have the fire drill sometime during the 2nd or 3rd week of July.

We cannot meet on the street in front of the [Bar-Across-the-Street] so we will meet in the [Bar-Across-the-Street] on the first floor at a set of tables that will accommodate us.

[Network-Admin-Also-Does-Other-Stuff-Guy] will have these procedures posted on the intranet w/ the employee handbook. Please be familiar with the instructions.

Contact [Network-Admin-Also-Does-Other-Stuff-Guy] or me with questions.


Email sent around 2:30 PM, June 27th, 2006

So, if the building catches on fire (or pretends to), we all just go to the bar?


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12 Responses to “Fire!”

  1. Laura says:

    So, if the building catches on fire (or pretends to), we all just go to the bar?
    well, if the building catches on fire, seriously, won’t you all NEED a drink? they’re just thinking ahead. :)

  2. Kelly says:

    No fair! For my “surprise” fire drill we only got to go out to the parking lot :P.

  3. dinane says:

    Laura has a valid point… I should make sure I take my bag with me!

    Parking lots are sooooo old job, Kelly!

  4. Joe says:

    After all, y’all will want to toast the burning down of the hated work environment.

  5. dinane says:



    No, I like it here! Both my job and the view out my window are awesome.

  6. Joe says:

    Already she is becoming the drone…

    I’ve been too spoiled in grad school :D

  7. dinane says:


    I guess I am a drone. That is, I do work. But in the fabulous state of Massachusetts, I literally “work at will.” So, you could either say I’m a voluntary slave, or you could say that I enjoy my field of work. I go with number two.

  8. Joe says:

    Boy, now I even merit my own full blog post, cool! :D I don’t mind work work, so much as I really don’t like getting involved with “corporate culture.” I, too, spent a good chunk of time in Catholic school. There I learned such fundamental things as:

    1. An asshole in a suit is just a better-dressed asshole, suits give no credibility.

    2. Prayer is good, particularly when the fire alarm goes off just before the teacher calls on you to talk about homework you haven’t done.

    3. The ground-state for most folks is sleeping, anything that gets you past that is lifting you beyond that initial energy state work.

    I believe the thing I object to is the fact that I’m required to be there for their hours at their dress-code following their time-line. Whereas in my lab my problems are open-ended (it’s unknown, that’s why it’s an experiment), I show up on my schedule and the only dress code required is that I’m protected against accidentally spilled chemicals.

  9. dinane says:

    Here are some differences between my old job and my new job:

    Old job: dress code (though fairly reasonable) — New job: wear clothes
    Old job: work 8 hours, take 45 minute unpaid lunch — New job: work until the work is done, eat until you’re full
    Old job: no food at your desk — New job: no beer at your desk (but in the break room is fine)
    Old job: if you’re pissed off, take a little walk amongst the cubes to calm down — New job: if you’re pissed off, play Area 51 and shoot some aliens

    As you can see, I have found myself a less corporate environment. My mom, oddly enough, asked me if I would have to wear a suit every day at my new job, as it is in downtown Boston, and that was her vision of such a place. I laughed, and told her that if they wanted me in a suit every day, I’d work somewhere else.

  10. Joe says:

    Y’know, I think our generation is revolutionizing the “system” ;-) But, then, we’re all supposed to be Indigo kids so it’s only natural for us, eh? Yes, I like new-agey hippy stuff even if I don’t go for all of it.

    My office is currently undergoing renovation, they’re putting in a new HVAC system so it’s more like “mellow beach” than “jungle feet fever” every time you walk in the door. I’m very happy about this. However, I now have to work late at night ’cause until they bring the new system online it’s too damn hot to work in there during the day.

  11. dinane says:

    Our AC is kind of a disaster too, but they aren’t reinstalling it. They just futz with it every day. One day this week it was an ice chest. Today… above what I like, but tollerable. Monday was unbearably hot. I keep hoping they’ll figure it out.

  12. Joe says:

    At this point I’d say blow the sucker up, go have a few drinks while it burns, and then get a new one and be comfy.

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