I thought our moving was going to be insane. I mean, we were going a whole hour’s drive away, to an area I don’t even think I ever drove through before we went apartment shopping. Everything would be new. New grocery store, new Target, new mall, new drug store, new restaurants, new commute, new traffic, new roads, new everything. So, yeah, I thought we were in for a severe culture shock. That is, until we heard from Kate that she was in fact, actually going to take the transfer.

Kate is my boyfriend’s sister. I’m really lucky to have met her. She’s awesome, okay? She’s a great friend, fun to watch football with, and fun to make arts and crafts at church with. I’ve blogged about her before. Search for her name, if you can’t remember.

Kate works for this mega-national-company. She’s smart and good at her job. Her Massachusetts boss loved her. But she didn’t have any growth opportunity available up here. There were just too many people to do all of the work in her field. But down in Texas, they were short on people like her. They needed more, and as fast as possible.

At first, this was kind of like a special vacation to Texas. She went down for two weeks to figure out if she would like to transfer. But as she explored the area, met the would-be new coworkers, and learned how cheap it is to live down there… she knew she’d have to go.

We knew she was down there for that two week jaunt. I talked about it with Mike several times. I can do math. I know Kate. And I knew she was going to move.

I didn’t want her to go.

I’m not going to lie. I cried. I cried every time I thought about her moving so very far away. But I knew it was going to happen, so I just worked it out for myself. I swore up and down I would not cry in front of Kate. I would not make it any harder for her to make such a huge decision.

At Easter, when she told us the decision we knew she’d make, I congratulated her as she showed off the floor plan for her new apartment. She would be able to afford two hundred more square feet, and be spending less. The Boston area really is a retardedly expensive place to live.

We talked about when she’d be coming back north, and when we could go down south. We poked fun at her potentially dangerous encounters with Texans. Mike told her at every opportunity that she’d hate it. Kate always responded with, “I’ll miss you to, Mike.”

As her moving plans slowly solidified (too slowly for Kate, that’s for sure), Kate came to realize that she was going to be homeless for a week. She decided to spend part of that week at a hotel next door to her work, and the three day Memorial Day weekend with us, before taking off on the following Wednesday.

That weekend was an adventure. Our air conditioning (along with half of the complex’s) died. We just wanted to get some unpacking done, but it was so ridiculously hot (the first day it got over 90 this year) that we could only go twenty minutes at a time. After a sweaty Sunday, we decided we would definitely not spend the next day at home.

So we spent it at a furniture store!

Don’t laugh. Jordan’s Furniture is tons of fun. It is! Plus we needed a bench and some bookshelves anyway. Since I graduated college, we have been doing the “buy now pay later” plan annually. They have a one-year no-interest no-payments thing that makes it possible to actually buy nice furniture, a little at a time. Kate was on the same plan, and as her last annual purchase, just bought a dining room set not a month before she moved.

We also took the opportunity to go see X-Men 3. Actually, we had decided we were going to do that in advance, so we had watched 1 and 2 at home the night before. It was pretty good, I say, though I think I liked number two better.

Tuesday came, and it was time for work. All three of us went in to earn our existence, though Kate was mostly just there to pack and ship her things. At my new job, it isn’t unheard of for the day to fly by. Yay for a job I like! It was a particularly bad traffic day, so the car-driving majority (Not me. Yay for the orange line!) arrived home a little later than we’d hoped. But that didn’t stop us from going mini-golfing!

We went to the ever-so-lovely landmark Orange Dinosaur that adorns Route 1. The place isn’t actually called Orange Dinosaur. It just has a giant Orange Dinosaur on the course, facing out towards the highway, looking menacing.

Mini-golfing is always fun. This place had some interesting automatic hole-in-one things, along with the standard fare of things you can only do if you suck at actual golf. Good thing I’m the only one of us that sucks at actual golf! I so won.

We went out for dinner, and were soon filling our bellies with pasta and bread at the Macaroni Grill. Though they were out of Mike’s favorite food (chicken cannelloni), we still enjoyed our food. Okay, well, maybe Kate was a little overwhelmed by the spiciness of hers… Okay, let’s be honest, she couldn’t eat it because it was too spicy. Wimp!

We went home and vegged on the sofa for a little while before it was definitely bed time. Mike wasn’t going to be up early enough to see Kate off, so they did the so-long-farewell-but-not-for-too-long thing before going to bed. Kate and I would be leaving the house at the same time the next morning, so I avoided the inevitable for a few more hours.

The next morning, I came down the stairs to find Kate doing her last minute organization. I couldn’t help it. I puffed out my lower lip in an attempt to distract my eyes. But the tears came anyway. We hugged, and she reminded me that it wouldn’t be that long until we saw each other again. I told her our futon is always there for her. She told me I could come visit anytime, though Mike wasn’t allowed to come if he was going to complain about the heat.

Then she told me not to cry.

“I’m not!”


We laughed.

Then she pulled her bags down the stairs, and she was gone.

June 26th, 2006 • 8:43 am • dinane • Posted in Life

3 Responses to “Gone”

  1. Mr. Nichols says:

    Hey, if you’re near the Orange Dinosaur, then you aren’t too far away from this place: Angelo’s

    If I were you, I’d go there, ignore the condition of the sign, eat on the pizza place side, and thank me later.

  2. dinane says:

    The internet seems awash with raves. We will have to try it out. Thanks!

  3. Tara says:

    That place is actually really really close to Jeremy and me since we live in Reading… I’m always on the lookup for new good italian.

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