Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes! (part two of a series)

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Immediately following lunch, we had our one and only stage-time rehearsal. Our lines were in a pretty good state of known, and we were in a pretty good state of silly. When Eric(a) attacked me, (s)he leapt over a bench and I backed away before realizing that I was supposed to fall back. When I fell back, I was too close to the front row of chairs, and once again was attacked by a chair. Ow! “I’m fine! Let’s try that again.”

Between stage-time and tech, I managed to coerce Chris-with (not Chris-without, who was playing my boyfriend in the play) to help me learn my lines. She was a huge, huge, awesomely huge help for me when I had to learn the lines for Mrs. Antrobus in The Skin of Our Teeth, and she came to my rescue once again. She helped drill my lines with me while the other casts had their stage time.

Our tech began at 3:00 (only eight hours after I had arrived that morning and only six hours and fifteen minutes after the read-through). Everything was going quite well, until the end of the fourth scene. The scene ended, the stage went to a complete black out, and I exited. I got most of the way off-stage, and realized that I was also in the fifth scene and should have remained on stage. So I whipped around and ran back for the stage.

*BONK* Ow! “Who did I just bump into? I’m sorry!” Freddy replied, “It was me.” I apologized again, held up four fingers, and the tech went on. As soon as tech was over I begged our illustrious director to beg the techies for a less black blackout. We settled on a nice dark blue, and then I saw Freddy. The poor guy had a bump on his cheek just below his eye. I gave him a shiner! On the side of his face that he didn’t have an eye patch for!

I apologized and apologized. Some people laughed. His wife alternately threatened to take me out to the parking lot and asked me if she could take credit for it. I didn’t live it down. I’m still sorry! Freddy seemed to think it was funny… I hope so…

I promised Kelly, the tech director, that I wouldn’t hit my head more than five times. I’ll tell you now that I succeeded in that.

My knee hurt. I didn’t look.

Then, the waiting game began. Lines were rehearsed. The other two plays did their techs. Lines were forgotten. Lines were re-memorized. People who hadn’t gotten a single minute of sleep were walking around like zombies. Costumes were donned. Audiences arrived. The producer introduced the production and explained the insanity to the audience. And, we were on!

The audience laughed! Yay! The fight went relatively well, though I forgot to kick off a shoe and I did lose my hair band. A small thud may have been heard as I smacked my own head into the ground (while not even falling!). Diane still won the fight by hitting Eric(a) over the head with my shoe. I didn’t notice the pain.

We watched the two other plays, which were also very good. Then it was time to kick out the audience and clean up our mess. This went rather quickly, despite the overall lack of sleep in the room. I apologized to Freddy another twelve dozen times. I showed some people my dislocated kneecap. I accidentally relocated it while they were looking. They were not impressed. I felt a lot better.

And still, my ass hurt most.

We went out for dinner, a group of sixteen (which was about half of the people involved, the other half went to go watch some show or other or something). We amused and confused our nice waitress with our sleep-deprived humor. We went home. Sleep.

As I stood under the soothing hot water of the shower the next morning, refusing to move, lest the pain be too strong, I sang to myself, “Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes!”

December 14th, 2005 • 8:53 am • dinane • Posted in Theatre
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