For the Sake of My Laziness

I’m posting this because I’m too lazy to make a separate web page to put these pictures up. I’m going to be acting in a Show in 24 Hours this weekend, but I will not be available for the “auditions.” The “auditions” in this case involve people parading around in costumes and the writers and directors seeing the costumes and looking for inspiration. So, these pictures are the three outfits I’ll be bringing with me on Saturday, so that the writers and directors can get inspiration for writing the show.

Yes, that’s right, the show is not yet written, and will not be complete until early in the morning on Saturday – at which point I will get a script and learn my lines by 6:00 PM. This is my third year of acting for these, and I think it’s a huge amount of fun. If you are interested in seeing a play that did not exist twenty-four hours before it was performed, check us out at the Little Theatre at WPI at 6:00 PM on Saturday. One performance only!

Now down to business.

Here we have a sundress with bright pink flowers and green stems and pink and green ribbons for a belt:
a pink, green, and white sundress

Here we have a “going out” outfit – red pants (they are actually much redder than the picture shows, I used my cell phone to take the pictures, forgive me) and a black boob shirt:
red pants and a black shirt

And here is the “work” outfit – kakhi colored dress pants and a purple, blue, green, and white striped buttondown shirt:
dress pants and dress shirt


December 9th, 2005 • 9:28 am • dinane • Posted in Theatre
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